Contests are very motivating for me and not necessarily because I want to win.  Although, that sure would be nice.   However, it’s really the deadline and the instructions that help me along.

About 2 weeks ago I stumbled upon a contest called The Golden Pen.  It really looked like a great contest.  The only thing was, I needed a synopsis.  Well, up until then I didn’t have any plans to write a synopsis ever.  At least, I was hoping for  never having to write one.  I couldn’t think of anything more boring.

Okay, so, my guestimation is that I’ve written every day for all of my adult life.  Before there were blogs, there were message boards.  Before there were message boards – well there were always message boards.  So for a very long time, whether it’s been at school of online somewhere, I’ve been sitting down at my keyboard and just writing and hitting send.  In school I usually get As for my writing.

My friend Rachel said to me, “Well, maybe they’re just looking at the grammar.”

Rachel is funny.  It’s really what I deserved for bragging about my grades though.

Anyway, since I started writing fiction, instead of just spouting off here and there and everywhere, I’ve found that …. it’s hard.  I’ve had to work.  A part of me resents having to work at what has always been easy for me – let alone work hard.

So, me… write a synopsis?  No.  I did not have that in mind.  But this contest looked really good so I got to work.

What I learned is that I was wrong.  SURPRISE!!! Rachel needed to take some aspirin after reading my first few drafts of my synopsis but I don’t really care.  Writing it, has taught me that taking my thoughts out of the fog is something I really need to do.

Whether it’s writing a synopsis, or using those handy notecards in Scrivener, I plan on having more respect for thinking ahead when taking on the task of writing a full length novel.