My Favorite Nanowrimo Sponsor Find

Sometimes I see writers in old movies carrying around their portable typewriters and I experience a simultaneous twinge of nostalgia and relief. Imagine the hours once spent just keeping track of the drafts? Mind boggling. We are a spoiled society. We can write, delete, write again, print, use OCR to recover, and excavate our old…


Medium: The Only Thing Worth Reading on the Internet

And that includes any of my┬áposts. Medium makes my heart sing! I was reading a post the other day and someone said┬ásomething like this. Mental illness is a misunderstanding of time. Depression is caused by a belief that the past is the present and anxiety is caused by a belief that the future can be…


Authors and Social Media

REQUISITE DISCLAIMER: I’m not going to name names in this post. If you aren’t sure who these people are, ask someone or start digging around online. I know of an author who is insanely popular, insanely successful, and by now – wealthy. From online sales alone she’s making at least 50k a month. She says…

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