Last night a picture of children holding up a banner with writing on it was passed around the internet.  The baner was black and the writing was in white.  There is nothing in the picture indicating the year.  We don’t know the source of the photo.  Moreover, children are the subject matter of this photo.  I can not stress that enough.  Children are the subject matter of this photo.

The photo was captioned by someone who did not agree with what was said on the banner.  I consider it a hateful caption.

I have lots of questions.

1 – What about the children in that photo?

2 – Did anyone in the photo give permission for it to be passed around?

3 – Was the photo vetted?  In what way is the photo legitimate?

4 – Do we know that the text on the banner wasn’t altered?

5 – Do we know if the children in the photo are over 18?

6 – Don’t the children in the photo have some rights or at least the right to protection?

That’s just for starters.  There is in my mind, a whole lot more wrong with the photo and especially with the photo of children being passed around.  I can’t help thinking, what if that was a photo with my child in it?

The internet has given every single idiot a platform.  Even people who look and act intelligent in other areas of their lives give into the pull of their fears and emotions and will pick up a photo like this and pass it around as though it was legitimate.

Consider the source.  Always consider the source.  Take it back to ground zero.  Those are people in the photo.  They are or were real.  I say that because there is not even so much as a date on that photo.

Consider how easy it is to alter the text on that banner.  It’s as easy or easier than it was for someone to add a caption.  Nothing is easier to alter than black and white text in a photo.

We all have a voice.  We all have the right to our opinions.  But god/goddess help us, let’s try to use it responsibly and not pass around what really amounts to crap. 0

I went to RWA today.  It was an interesting meeting.

When I woke up from my vacation nap I decided to go through my yarn.  Which of course meant that I decided I want to make a blanket.  One does lead to another.

Then I got a text from a friend.  This text is similar to many texts I have gotten from her in the last year.  I decided to go to her house and found it necessary, for reasons I won’t get into right now, to request backup.  I didn’t need 5 or 6 backup police cars the way police officers do but I did feel like I should get some help.

Once I arrived at my friends house I found that it was impossible to extract her.  I need to remember that.  She can not be extracted.

When I got home my back up was freezing in her car.  I feel terrible for inconviencing her.

The whole thing exhausted me and yes I do care more about me than anyone else and let me repeat:

It was impossible to extract her.

So, I will be refocusing on me.  ME ME ME

I think I’m a worthy cause. 0