I went to RWA today.  It was an interesting meeting.

When I woke up from my vacation nap I decided to go through my yarn.  Which of course meant that I decided I want to make a blanket.  One does lead to another.

Then I got a text from a friend.  This text is similar to many texts I have gotten from her in the last year.  I decided to go to her house and found it necessary, for reasons I won’t get into right now, to request backup.  I didn’t need 5 or 6 backup police cars the way police officers do but I did feel like I should get some help.

Once I arrived at my friends house I found that it was impossible to extract her.  I need to remember that.  She can not be extracted.

When I got home my back up was freezing in her car.  I feel terrible for inconviencing her.

The whole thing exhausted me and yes I do care more about me than anyone else and let me repeat:

It was impossible to extract her.

So, I will be refocusing on me.  ME ME ME

I think I’m a worthy cause. 0